Eye Exams

Evaluating the health of your eyes with tests ranging from reading an eye chart to using high-powered lenses to examine the inside of your eyes.

Cataract & Lasik

Teaming with your ophthalmologist to provide pre and post operative care along with assuring you the best surgical outcome.  See the list of ophthalmologists we co-manage with.

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Eye Diseases


The eyes are truly windows to the soul.  In numerous medical schools, it is taught that 100% of systemic conditions will manifest in the eye in one way or another.  Early detection is the key.

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 Allergies, Dry Eyes, & Red Eyes

The eye can only respond in four different ways: redness, sensitivity to light, vision loss, and pain.  It is up to a specialist to determine what the proper treatment would be.

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Glasses & Contacts

Providing you with a large selection of eyewear including designer eyeglasses, sunglasses, and a variety of contact lenses

Computer Vision Syndrome

Reducing this growing condition by detecting any vision problems that contribute to CVS and prescribing computer eyeglasses or contacts.  These glasses eliminate constant refocusing efforts that improve your comfort and productivity in front of the computer.